PhotographyPer Miljeteig

Tourist Visas is an encounter between verse by Judith Ennew and photography by Per Miljeteig. The two forms do not directly illustrate each other but rather reflect common perspectives on human nature and behaviour as well as on the mental and physical landscapes that people inhabit and create.

The texts present bittersweet - and sometimes humorous - observations of human vanities, courage and longings, in daily life and more extreme situations. The title poem Tourist Visas is an observation of various types of travelers and various ways of travelling. It depicts the small cultural collisions everyone experiences. At the same time the poem refers to a theme that occurs throughout the whole book: the world citizen's travel from place to place, which often becomes a travel to the person's interior landscapes.

The photographs are inspired by the texts - as well as the other way around. They are taken in various locations around the world. Those locations are not referred to by name as they refer to human conditions rather than the physical places. The persons in the pictures are mainly shapes in movement or they are frozen in meditation-like positions.

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Tourist Visas
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